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CITY is inviting students, alumni, staff, faculty, friends, community members and affiliates to lend us your ideas, creativity, and enthusiasm to help build a center that inspires all students, and builds meaningful opportunities to experiment, learn, and build solutions to real-world problems. Below are formal opportunities to join our team.

Staff Positions

We are not currently hiring for any staff positions.


Are you interested in sharing your professional expertise with young innovators, changemakers, and entrepreneurs at Yale? We are actively recruiting Yale alumni and friends of Yale to join our mentor network. Learn more and apply.



We are currently hiring for a wide variety of student roles! All student roles use a shared application.

Economic and Community Development Student Coordinator

8 hours/week • academic year

The Economic and Community Development Student Coordinator will work closely with the Tsai CITY staff to operationalize innovative economic and community development strategies in New Haven. Job requirements:

  • Liaise with individuals and organizations in the New Haven area

  • Coordinate and execute one economic development initiative

  • Provide logistics and support to Tsai CITY staff as needed

Food Intensives Coordinator

8 hours/week • academic year

The Food Intensives Coordinator will assist in the coordination of the Food Intensive in Fall 2019, and a number of retreats and workshops related to food and innovation in Spring 2020. They will handle communications with participating students, managing some aspects of hands-on workshop and culinary work with student teams, organizing applications, working with and organizing Intensive presenters, and helping with the marketing of the Intensive with students. Job requirements:

  • Highly organized

  • Studies or professional experience in food products, food systems, food science, and/or entrepreneurship/innovation preferred

  • Ideal candidates have a contagious fascination with innovations in the food sector, and a facility with thinking about the complexities of the food system

openlab associates

8 hours/week • fall 2019

OpenLab Associates fulfill multiple technical and operation requirements at the Yale Open Innovation Lab— both in regards to incubated projects like Open Solar or Open Climate, as well as in programmed events like the Climate Collabathon and Blockchain Bootcamps. Technical interns are involved hands-on directly with research or software development of the incubated digital platforms. Coordination interns are involved in the logistical requirements and event planning needed. Roles available are Openlab Coordinator, Graphic & UX/UI designer (x2), OpenClimate Full stack developer & Blockchain intern, OpenClimate Front-End developer, and Global climate policy researcher. Job requirements:

  • Significant interest and basic experience in the intersection of climate change and energy transition with emerging digital technologies like IoT, blockchain and AI. 

  • Experience with project management tools, product/project development timelines and coordination of thematic events

  • Technical experience with software development and computer science (front or back-end) [technical interns]

  • Expected workloads of 8hrs/week in average.